Ashley N. Smith

· Blue Springs, MO 64014 · (816) 716-4300 ·

I’ve worked in the service industry and other fields such as nursing and insurance. My goal was to always provide exceptional service and address customer/pateint concerns with effective and innovative solutions. I did this through active listening and a drive to make the service provided stand out amongst the rest. Following my passion for technology, I made the decision to pursue a career in IT through Centriq's Training Full Stack Web Developer program. I’m excited to have the opportunity to leverage my customer service skills in a technology-focused setting.

Apart from being a developer and student, I enjoy spending most of my time outdoors. During summer I try to take advantage of the nice weather, kayaking, riding my bike, pool or lake days. I also enjoy reading and a variety of different shows!

Going through the Centriq program I have learend many languages such as JavaScript, C# and SQL in the .NET framework, but mostly I've learned how much I enjoy programming and how much I love the challenge of problem solving. Each project I have worked on has brought challenges but I remain persistant and through the persistance I have been able to learn and grow. I am excited to see where software development will take me.